Chapter Meeting Minutes
August 21, 2018

Fr. Troy Beecham
Dcn. John Doherty
Jolene Phelps
Rick Stearns
Rich Jacobs
Laurie Theis
Leighton Carlson
Matt Petty
Elvin McDonald
Skeet Wootten
Barbara Willey
Jill Southworth
Brad Schaefer

Derek Sadler

Opening Prayer - Fr. Troy Beecham

Reading of Mission Statement - Skeet Wootten

Treasurer’s Report - Jill Southworth

  • We are generally within budget. We are slightly over-budget on some basic maintenance and repair work that were one-time events.  We are looking at a $70,000-$80,000 short fall in next year’s budget as compared to this year if no changes are made
  • Skeet asks the Chapter to consider when to start the budgeting process; a few in the group answer that in years past it has been about this time of the year; the group generally agrees that Deacon, Dean, and Treasurer begin work on the budget soon; Skeet recommends a two-year budget in lieu of a one-year budget
  • Jolene suggests that the budget be mindful of growth and not only maintenance with general agreement
  • Rick mentions that the Finance Committee will usually meet and start the budget and then propose it to the Chapter, perhaps in September
  • Rich mentions that traditionally the Finance Committee starts the process, but will need input from the Chapter and any committees or groups for requests and ideas
  • Motion to have the Finance Committee start work on next year’s budget, motion to approve Barbara Willey, seconded Elvin McDonald, unanimous approval

 Last month’s minutes - Dcn. John Doherty

  • Motion to approve Elvin McDonald, seconded Laurie Theis, unanimous approval

Deacon’s Report

  • Metro Chapter Meeting is held twice per year, and the next upcoming meeting is this Saturday, August 25 at 9:00am
  • There is another Growing Iowa Leader’s Day at St. Luke’s on Saturday, September 8 from 10:00am-4:00pm
  • This Thursday, August 23 at 5:30am, is our first Faith Sharing Dinner which will be catered and have dinner
  • Central Iowa Shelter Meal hosted by our church is Friday, August 24 in the evening; any help is welcome
  • Property Committee has been working on stonework repairs around the exterior of the building and also working on the entrance to the Undercroft
  • For Outreach Ministries, we have paid for 3 young people to go to camp this summer.EfM will have 3 scholarships for prisoners to join.  In conjunction with St. Luke’s, we will be doing twice per month Eucharist at the local shelter 
  • Through a grant through the Diocese of Iowa, we are getting a 55 inch smart TV and a camera for teleconferences and seminars with the diocese
  • Deacon John has received a suggestion for someone to run for Chapter and will give the name to Skeet privately for consideration

Dean’s Report

  • Thursday’s Men’s Bible Study group will resume this Thursday at 10:00am and there is always lunch afterward
  • The Young Adult’s Group has started a men’s breakfast on Wednesdays at 7:00am, place is variable week to week
  • An event will be posted in this week’s E-news letter that is geared toward discussion on race: Jennifer Harvey, author of the book Waking Up Whitewill be speaking October 10 at 6:30pm at St. Andrew’s
  • Coro concerts last month went really well at The Cathedral

Report of 25thAnniversary Committee - Jolene Phelps and Barbara Willey

  • Jolene tells the group that the Telling Our Stories activity has been done by some, but there is still a large gap in participation. She asked members of The Chapter for insights into why many haven’t done it.  These are due by September 1st.  Various people responded that they have gotten busy and forgotten or put it off. Skeet volunteered to announce on a Sunday morning, hoping that an announcement from a non-clergy member might be meaningful.  Rich mentions that the E-Blast doesn’t always get to everyone, or may not be read by everyone.  Jolene said she discussed the issue with Bishop Scarfe who said that there may be some who have pain or difficulty sharing.  Skeet asked if submitting a story anonymously could be done, and Jolene agreed.  Barbara mentions that some people may have very private feelings or not feel comfortable sharing. Rick says that he doesn’t care to discuss personal decisions and background.  Leighton asks how the stories will be distributed; Jolene said a photocopied printout will be available and that they will be on the website/blog.
  • Barbara reports we will be saving the date for Saturday, November 3 for a Growing Iowa Leaders meeting held by Dean Hall to discuss “What it means to be a cathedral.” The event may be daytime or evening and is still being discussed.  There will likely be a presentation followed by a panel discussion. Barbara requests that the Chapter members review articles written by Dean Hall that she will provide to the group prior to the meeting.  Dean Hall will also preach on Sunday November 4 and there will be a class between services.
  • Jolene reports that the Celebration Reception will cost $1500 and will be held on November 18.

Old Business                                                                                        

  • Jolene asks if we have any followup on a personnel committee. Skeet reports that Dcn. John and Chuck Seel have found old policies and procedures that the Cathedral already had used in the past which will serve as a framework for new materials to be drafted.  Skeet puts to the group that if anyone knows of HR experts within the church, we should seek out their help.  Jolene mentions that job descriptions should be done in conjunction with the staff in that job and should be in line with our Vision for the future.
  • TLC for the Guild Hall presentation by Elvin McDonald. The Guild Hall will be mostly in blue and white.  We are buying 12 Parson’s chairs and re-upholstering the current dining chairs.  Cost is predicted to be $11, 418.  Work will begin soon.

New Business

  • Property Committee
  • Skeet received an email this afternoon from Sally Bates that the Bylaws of the Bridge have been amended. Skeet and Sally pose the question of how members of the Cathedral are appointed to the Bridge Board.  Troy answers that in the past they have been appointed by the Dean. 
  • Skeet brings up the larger concept that communication in the past has been difficult and an issue that seems to keep coming up. Some general discussion follows.
  • Skeet and Ftr. Troy are recommending creating a nominating committee for Chapter Members made up of former Senior Wardens and rotating off members. John would like to mention that we need to search for diversity of all varieties for our group.
  • Jolene asks what the process would be to extend the Wardenship to 2 years, and Skeet and others answer that the bylaws would need to be amended and voted upon at annual meeting.
  • Matt asked the group if the Bishop had been asked about possibly moving the Diocesan Offices into our church. Skeet answers that there are some general discussions ongoing, but it will take time. Matt mentions that our future budgeting discussions should include non-traditional income streams like rental space.
  • Troy reports that we have been having many, many more requests for weddings at the church. He would like to know if the Chapter would be interested in pursuing it.  Much general discussion follows, with general assent that having more weddings, including non-Episcopalian Christian weddings would be a good outreach to the community and income for the Cathedral.  Ftr. Troy recommends a small committee to look into ramifications, requirements, and pricing.
  • Save the Date for August 31 and September 28 for Food Truck Friday at lunchtime in the parking lot of the Cathedral.

Closing Prayer - Fr. Troy Beecham


Chapter Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2018 at 5:30pm

Fr. Troy Beecham
Dcn. John Doherty
Jolene Phelps
Rick Stearns
Rich Jacobs
Laurie Theis
Leighton Carlson
Matt Petty
Elvin McDonald
Skeet Wootten
Derek Sadler
Barbara Willey

Brad Schaefer
Jill Southworth 

Opening Prayer - Fr. Troy Beecham

Reading of Mission Statement - Skeet Wootten

Treasurer’s Report - Skeet Wootten

  • Treasurer Jill Southworth absent today, report has been emailed to committee, minimal discussion. Motion to approve report Barbara Willey, seconded Elvin McDonald, unanimous approval

Last month’s minutes

  • Motion to approve Leighton Carlson, seconded Rich Jacobs, unanimous approval

Junior Warden’s Report - Elvin McDonald

  • Guild hall will be started soon, funding is still pending, limited discussion by group

New Business

  • Zebulun Treloar comes before the Chapter to have Transitional Deaconate letter signed. He is starting a one-year chaplaincy residency at Methodist.  Doing diocesan ordination exams this week. Application approval moved by Jolene Phillips, second by Elvin McDonald, unanimous approval.  Formal letter signed by all in attendance

Executive Session

  • Skeet Wootten proposes we move into executive session. Motion to approve Leighton Carlson, seconded Rick Stearns, roll call vote with 10 members present and 2 absent passes unanimously
  • These minutes are both abbreviated and amended to reflect that most of executive session is held in private and is not part of the public record, however public notes as follows:
    • Skeet Wootten proposes a severance package with included non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements for Dr. Rebecca Gruber. Details of this package confidential.  Discussed at length.  Motion to approve Rick Stearns, seconded Elvin McDonald, vote passes 9-1 with Jolene Phelps the only no vote, citing disagreement with the amount 

New Business

  • Jolene Phelps would like to suggest that the Chapter develop or research job descriptions for the staff as well as policies and procedures for staff management.General agreement in brief discussion. No motion or formal action at this time.     

Canon Administrator’s Report - Dcn. John Doherty

  • Some of our ministries, especially the Shelter Meal and the Connections Café, are running short of volunteers
  • The staff would like our members to volunteer the last weekend of October for the Annual Diocesan Convention events that will be held at the cathedral
  • September 23 and 27 Faith Sharing Dinners will be held at the church
  • Friday August 31, there will be a food truck at the church parking lot; staff and members can welcome any visitors 

Dean’s Report - Fr. Troy Beecham

  • The Dean just returned to Iowa from General Convention, which he says was eventful
    • The Episcopal Church of Cuba was re-admitted to the U.S. Episcopal Church. The Dean was pleased to note that the Episcopal Church is enlivened in the Caribbean and Central America
    • There was further discussion at the convention to write a new version of the Book of Common Prayer; this was tabled, but many supplemental materials outside of the BCP are accepted
    • The Dean wishes to praise the Senior Warden Skeet Wootten and the Organist Mark Babcock for their pastoral care of the church and choir’s personal and social concerns in his absence in light of the recent dismissal of Dr. Rebecca Gruber
  • Laurie Theis would like the Chapter to be made aware of a choir party at her house on this Saturday to celebrate the choir looking to the future and also working through their feelings

New Business

  • Jolene Phelps would like the Chapter to be aware of a Growing Iowa Leaders meeting to be held on November 3 hosted by Barbara Willey and Diane Hayes. This meeting will line up with the theme of “What it means to be a cathedral” as part of our Cathedral’s 25thanniversary celebration this fall.  Event is open to all
  • Elvin McDonald would like to remind the group to please submit their “Stories of the People of St. Paul’s”

Closing Prayer - Fr. Troy Beecham


Chapter Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2018

Chapter Members Present: Layton Carlson, Laurie Theis, Elvin McDonald, Barbara Willey, Rick Stearns, Jolene Phelps, Skeet Wootten
Clergy Present: Dean Troy Beecham, John Doherty

A motion from Elvin McDonald, seconded by Layton Carlson, to approve the Minutes of March 20, 2018, as corrected, passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer was not present, but Deacon John provided commentary. The balance sheet is lower than budgeted numbers due to insurance premium payments and higher than expected snow removal expenditures. The motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, made by Barbara Willey, seconded by Laurie Theis, was unanimously approved.

Deacon’s Report: John Doherty will be leading acolyte training for all ages, but with focus on those younger members. Lector and usher training will be scheduled as well. Going forward, Jan Doherty will coordinate Connections Cafe activities. John also reported that there will be emphasis on outreach to secure more volunteers for shelter meals. He noted that participation has dropped off significantly. He also noted that St. Paul’s t-shirts will be available shortly for volunteers and participants to wear to various events. A laminating machine was donated by John and Chad Cardani-Tollinger and it will be used to make name tags for everyone. Beginning soon, bottled water with a St. Paul’s label will be made available during the summer months at the bus stop at 9th and High Streets. It will be distributed free of charge.

Dean’s Report: The Dean shared that on May 20, Tonsha Clark will be baptized at the 8:00 a.m. service. He also requested that congregants wear red for Pentecost. The Chapter will attend a retreat on May 19, and were asked, if they had not done so, to RSVP to an invitation from Matt Petty to attend a pre-retreat potluck on Friday night at the Petty residence.

Father Troy talked about the Annual Diocesan Conference he recently attended. The featured speaker was Jennifer Harvey (an ethicist) from Drake University. Her program centered on dismantling institutional racism and prejudice reduction training. On October 10, she will be offering training to the Metro Chapter at St. Andrews. In June she will offer a “Training the Trainer” workshop in Grinnell for lay people.

Committee Reports

Centennial Planning: Jolene Phelps circulated a brochure about the Cathedral’s Centennial that was developed by Vicky Ingham. It was suggested that the brochure include our Mission Statement and that we remove the slogan “In The City For Good” since this is currently being used by another downtown church. On October 18, Bishop Scarfe will officiate at a special service and Bishop Epting will also be at this service. Jolene encouraged everyone to share their story about their relationship to St. Paul’s as these stories will be one of the most important outcomes of the celebration. Skeet suggested creating a “save the date” card that would be mailed out as soon as possible, and that ongoing announcements about the celebration begin now. The Dean will include a prayer in the bulletin and the centennial celebration will be included in the Prayers of the People.

Property Committee: Due to water damage in the entry to the Undercroft, the Committee recommends repairs be made by Dain Fabricators in the amount of $3,155.34. A motion from Skeet, seconded by Jolene to approve this repair was unanimously approved.

Junior Warden’s Report: Elvin McDonald reported that the Guild Hall refurbishment is a work- in-progress. Deacon John asked about what furniture would stay (probably just high-top tables and the large table with chairs). John suggested that unused furniture might be part of the Parish Garage Sale scheduled for June 16 and 17. This sale should be advertised in the upcoming issue of the “Journey.”

Senior Warden’s Report: Skeet Wootten noted that the Chapter Retreat that will take place on May 19, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at his office in West Des Moines. The discussion will center on our Parish challenges and vision. Retreat materials have been emailed to all Chapter members.

Staff will have a retreat/workday at the Cathedral on June 5. They will have the opportunity to discuss the Chapter retreat information at that time. Rick Stearns attended the May 15 staffmeeting, and other Chapter members were encouraged to come to future staff meetings as they are able.

Suggestions: Chapter members mentioned that they are in need of a new Counter schedule. The counting procedure will be set up on an Excel spreadsheet going forward.

The Dean lead Chapter members in Compline and the meeting was adjourned at 6:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Willey


Chapter Meeting Minutes
17 October 2017
Guild Hall

All Chapter Members Present Except: Stephanie Preusch, Rich Jacobs, John Kerss, Tim Whipple
Clergy Present: Fr. Troy Beecham, Canon John Dougherty

Fr. Troy opened the meeting with prayer at 5:30 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: The Finance Committee has begun work on next year’s budget. Brad
reported that this work is on schedule and progressing smoothly.

Minutes: Marilyn Sand moved approval of the September 2017 Minutes, seconded by Elvin McDonald. The motion was unanimously approved.


Early Childhood Development Program Update: Rick announced that the Parish donor supporting our pre-school initiative had passed away and arrangements for start-up funding was unclear at meeting time. He also noted that this individual had, before his passing, shared with family members his plans and wishes for supporting a pre-school at St. Paul’s.

Notwithstanding this development, area pre-school sites have been visited by committee members and Fr. Troy. Rick estimated that it might be possible for our pre-school to accommodate up to 55 students; however, he will be contacting the governing State agency for clarification. He emphasized that hiring an administrator would be the key first-step in this process as that individual would understand and be capable of guiding a successful set-up process. Rick did note that meals for the students would be involved in this effort and suggested that we could possibly partner with someone in the downtown area to meet whatever nutritional requirements there might be.

Kitchen Update: There was no update from John K., but Fr. Troy reported that quartz countertops have recently been installed and the stove has undergone a vigorous cleaning. It was suggested that “before and after” photos be shared.

Retreat Agenda Progress: Stephanie shared a spreadsheet with updates on the various Retreat objectives (please refer to the meeting handout). Progress is being made in most areas and this Agenda item will remain on the schedule for future, rolling updates.

Discuss Upcoming Events: Chapter members were encouraged to attend the October 21 Revival, with Fr. Troy and Deacon John explaining how the activities will unfold and describing how they will be largely self-directed. On October 22, the Bishop will conduct his Annual Visit. There will be two individuals confirmed and the Bishop will meet with Chapter members between services. On November 5 (All Saints Sunday) the 10 a.m. service will feature the Central College Choir. Also on November 5 at 4:30 p.m., a fundraiser for Connections Cafe will be held in the Undercroft with a musical Cabaret featuring John Zickefoose.

Rick requested that John Zickefoose include information on the Stewardship drive in the weekly e-blasts. He noted that pledge cards have been mailed.

Elvin McDonald noted that he will be proceeding with a plan/design for a much-needed update to the Guild Hall, and his activities in this regard will come through the Property Committee.


In Sephanie’s absence, she submitted a written report that highlighted her meeting with the Property Committee and she shared a draft of pending/suggested property improvements (please refer to the meeting handout). Additionally, she asked that Chapter members give thought to recruiting new Chapter members for 2018, and that she will be following up on the suggestion that she initiate a Chapter Update for the monthly issue of the Journey.


Deacon John plans to reach out to Cloister leaders to encourage regular meeting schedules and event planning. He also has plans for a Pastoral Team (including Eucharistic Ministers) that in addition to making home Eucharistic visits, would include phone calls and sending notes and/or cards. Additionally, John is getting more involved with Parish youth.

Fr. Troy led Chapter members in Compline.
A motion to adjourn from Skeet, seconded by Laurie, was unanimously approved at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted Barbara Willey, Chapter Clerk

Chapter Meeting Minutes
22 July 2017
St. Timothy’s Parish Hall

All Chapter Members Present Except: Rick Stearns, Tim Whipple, Skeet Wootten Clergy: Fr. Troy Beecham, Deacon John Doherty
Guests: Mark Babcock, John Zickefoose

Dean, Fr. Troy Beecham, called the meeting to order with prayer at 11:15 a.m.

Treasurer’s Report: Brad reported that current income is at 42%, slightly lower than budget, and expenses are at 52%, which is lower than anticipated at this point in the budget year. Investments are doing very well and, as previously discussed, $30,000 will be moved from Cathedral Preservation.

Minutes: Rich Jacobs moved approval of the June 2017 Minutes, seconded by Elvin McDonald. The motion was unanimously approved.



Early Childhood Development Program: A Committee of Tim Whipple, Rick Stearns and Bill Graham has been appointed to develop an agreement that will honor Craig Sandahl’s ideas for this initiative. Stephanie is talking with other parochial pre-schools to learn more about their programs. Fr. Troy will contact the National Association of Episcopal Schools with regard to how new initiatives are established as well as connecting with a consultant in their network to possibly aid in our undertaking.

Fr. Troy described and illustrated how the downstairs renovations might look, with the expressed understanding that these changes are only under consideration and that this situation is fluid. The current Bishop’s office could become an office for the pre-school administrator. Some upstairs spaces could be used for pre-school activities as well. At this point, everything is under consideration.

During the overall discussion of downstairs changes, Deacon John noted that Connections Cafe has allocated money to replace the carpeting in the Parish Hall with flooring that is easier to clean and keep clean.

The kitchen remodel has absorbed the former choir rehearsal space, and Mark Babcock shared a request from Rebecca that a new rehearsal space be created downstairs. Following discussion:

“Rich Jacobs moved, seconded by Brad Schaefer, to create and upgrade a
a new choir rehearsal space (using Rooms 113 and 117) on the lower level. The upgrades shall include fresh paint, carpeting or carpet squares, and improved lighting, in an amount not to exceed $5,000.”

The motion was unanimously approved and will be forwarded to the Property Committee.

Kitchen Update: John Kerss provided an update on the kitchen remodel, indicating that for about a month there was little activity due to approvals on the grease interceptor. He noted that the concrete floor has been framed and plumbing completed. Electrical wiring will be installed in late July. Although there is no date-certain for completion, John hopes the project will be finished by summer’s end.

Staffing Changes: Tracey Kolasar will start in the accounting position on July 24. Her office will be located next to the Guild Hall kitchen and in the coming weeks file cabinets and other items

will be re-located from Deacon John’s office. Tracey’s email is The Quick Books accounting program will be Cloud based, allowing the Treasurer easier access. John also indicated that the Church database will be updated and consolidated, and will be Cloud-based, along with e-mail messaging.

NOTE: In the future, Chapter Counters will use the new Accounting Office to prepare weekly plate receipt reports.

Deacon John has been named Cathedral Canon. His new portfolio of responsibilities will be more sharply focused on administration. This announcement was included in recent letters to the Parish, but should also be posted on the Cathedral website and included in the weekly e- blast.

John Zickefoose’s administrative assistant duties have been expanded to provide additional support to the Dean.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn from Brad Schaefer, seconded by Elvin McDonald, was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Willey, Chapter Clerk


Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 June 2017, Guild Hall

All Members Present Except: Marilyn Sand, Laurie Theis

Dean, Fr. Troy Beecham, called the meeting to order with prayer at 5:30 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: Brad reported that the budget is doing well and that some line items are, for various reasons, actually under budget. Skeet Wootten questioned why no real estate is reflected on the balance sheet, and whether the Diocesan financials reflect the assessed value of the Cathedral church and parking lot properties, noting that St. Paul’s carries the liability insurance for said property, and pays taxes on the parking lot. Skeet mentioned that many years ago church property was reflected on our balance sheet. A discussion ensued on how real property is viewed by the Episcopal Church (United States) and how disputes have been handled in other parts of the country. Skeet will follow up with the Bishop regarding this concern. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Minutes: On a motion from Skeet Wootten, seconded by Tim Whipple, the Minutes of the May 2017 Chapter meeting were approved as corrected.


Early Childhood Development Program: Rick Stearns shared with the Chapter his discussions with Craig Sandahl, who has been instrumental in supporting this type of program at Trinity Church in St. Augustine, Florida. Trinity’s Early Childhood Development program has been operating for about 20 years and is highly regarded and successful (and has a wait-list). He provided seed money for their start-up, and continues to offer scholarships. Craig would like to develop a program like this at St. Paul’s and is willing to gift seed money for any necessary physical renovations and other start-up costs, as well as funding scholarships ongoing. Rick and Bill Graham have talked extensively with Craig about the, now mature, program in St. Augustine. Rick shared details regarding staffing costs, tuition and budgets. Their programming efforts have led to 20-22 families joining the Parish over time; however, instrumental in that effort has been an Associate Pastor position to build and nurture the relationships necessary to lead to that outcome.

Chapter members discussed how to best explore this opportunity for St. Paul’s. Among the considerations are: our downtown location and demographic; should it include day care; what our “niche” might be (music education); and perhaps exploring a partnership with the already established Methodist art-centered pre-school. The discussion also included how a tiered pricing concept could work (member versus non-member). The formation of an exploratory committee will be initiated, drawing upon those in our Parish family who have particular strengths that would complement this type of undertaking. In conclusion, the Chapter is enthusiastic about this opportunity and will be actively exploring how St. Paul’s might pursue a similar program.

Kitchen Update: John Kerss reported that the renovation got off to a fast start, with waterproofing and asbestos removal having already been completed. Installation of the grease trap has gone more slowly, and the plumbing changes might require some re-negotiation as the bid was based upon drawings, and the drawings did not reveal everything. Kitchen Committee members, Anne Reasons and Phyllis Melton, made an upgrade to the cabinets and switched to a different installation company following negative feedback concerning the first choice. This may result in an additional $2,000 to the original budget. John will also be checking with Historical Preservation authorities to get approval on a change in color choice for the cabinets. John expects the renovation to be completed in about six more weeks and he will be providing a breakdown on the costs for the Chapter.


Staffing Changes: Deacon John reported that the bookkeeping position has been offered and accepted, and on July 17, this part-time temp-to-hire individual will be on board and will occupy the office next to the small kitchen.

Ministry Cloister Brochure: A brochure featuring Ministry Cloisters and Committees was distributed by Deacon John. He asked Chapter members to review the information with an eye toward accuracy and whether these Cloisters are still meeting and/or functioning, as well as determining their necessity. John suggested that this review, and a discussion of the “Strategic Goals and Initiatives” (also handed out) be part of the full agenda for the Retreat in late July.


Fr. Troy feels that his health situation is going well and he reported that he has a visit to the Mayo Clinic scheduled for mid-August. Two letters will be going out to Parishioners to update and address Fr. Troy’s health and its future impact on St. Paul’s: One communication, ready for mailing, from Fr. Troy; and a second joint-letter from the Senior Warden and the Bishop.

NOTE: Because of Fr. Troy’s Mayo Clinic visit, the regular Chapter meeting will be held one week later than usual, on August 22, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Fr. Troy proposed that the upcoming Second Sunday Brunch, July 9, be held in-house rather than at a local restaurant. At this event he would like to facilitate a discussion that would build upon the spontaneous response and outpouring of love and the Holy Spirit witnessed on the Sunday he announced his health situation to the Parish congregation. The Hospitality Cloister will make plans for food, given that there will not be access to the kitchen. Details will follow.


Chapter Retreat (July 21-22): (Rebecca Gruber and John Z joined the meeting). It was suggested that the Staff (Rebecca, John Z and Mark) join the Chapter Retreat this year and be at the table as planning discussions take place. Rebecca expressed concern over lack of communication, and confusion surrounding who to contact when simple issues need to be addressed. This lack of clarity on “who handles what” has been expressed by new Chapter members, as well. Rebecca also noted that Staff do not feel “in the loop” on decisions that effect them, and that concerns and details of the staff review process do not reach Chapter members. Rich Jacobs suggested that Staff attend the Retreat to share their ideas and concerns, taking care to keep the range of discussion within the framework of the Chapter’s wider agenda.

A venue for the Social component on Friday night is under consideration. Skeet Wootten suggested having the Saturday Retreat meeting at the new Boy Scout headquarters on 63rd Street. The facility does not charge for its use and they have ample parking and meeting space. The Senior Warden will send a card with details and RSVP shortly.

Update of By-Laws: This project has been assumed by Junior Warden, Laurie Theis. The anticipated outcome will be to clarify how our our By-Laws effect our practices.

Nursery Report: Stephanie has the Nursery staffed with volunteers and one full-time person throughout the summer.


Sanctuary Movement Update: Due to time constraints, John noted that discernment meetings involving Parish members continue. He indicated that these meetings have averaged about 10 people each time. Organizers, Spivey and Stacey, are seeking a motion from the Chapter that would allow wider (community) participation. Tim Whipple suggested that given the current small representation of Parish members, he would not be in favor of any kind of Chapter resolution at this time.

Fr. Troy concluded the meeting with prayer. A motion from John Kerss, seconded by Elvin McDonald, to adjourn at 7:20 pm was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Willey, Chapter Clerk


The Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Chapter Minutes

23 May 2017

Elvin McDonald, acting clerk on behalf of Barbara Willey who is recovering from surgery.

Attendance: All present except Brad Schaefer and Barbara Willey. Guest: Spivey Knapik

Dean Troy Beecham called the meeting to order with prayer at 5:00 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Brad Schaefer, John Doherty reminded Chapter that April financial data should have been distributed by Brad. John indicated that adjustment is needed to Estate Income projection owing to recent recognition that income received for several years from a trust would now be considered to be payable to Endowment Fund. This generated some discussion as to when estate and memorial gifts should be considered as operating income versus bequests to endowment fund. This subject was referred to Finance Committee.

Sanctuary Discernment: Spivey Knapik requested Chapter approval of action to indicate on social media that Cathedral was discerning the level of commitment to Sanctuary Initiative. Approved by Chapter. Also Spivey requested information on how to obtain access to Cathedral facilities for a meeting of others involved in Sanctuary movement. Spivey was referred to John Zickefoose. Spivey also discussed the intention of the meeting that led to Chapter discussion regarding factors to consider in planning for such a meeting. Laurie Theis made a motion that we agree to “discernment” on the website, second by Stephanie Preusch. Much discussion. Motion passed unanimously. Spivey and Traci want to set up a Discernment Committee made up of St. Paul’s members and others. Tim Whipple expressed concern that it become political— i.e. ICE might show up.

Kitchen Update: John Kerss provided update on work. John requested approval for contract modification in amount of $9,500 for flashing outside of north wall. Motion made and approved to increase the authorized loan amount by $10,000 to $170,000. Skeet Wootten agreed to notify Chuck Wheeler of this increase and to encourage action of Investment Committee on request approved by Chapter in April Meeting. There was a motion by John Kerss, second by Rich Jacobs that the kitchen expenditure be capped at $170,000. Passed.

Reading of Minutes: Motion by Skeet Wootten, second by Laurie Theis to approve. Passed unanimously.

Senior Warden: Expressed the need for volunteer nursery caretakers through summer.

Father Troy shared that he has been diagnosed in the early stages of Parkinson’s but is hopeful that he is years from the disease impacting his daily work. The Chapter expressed pledge to be supportive in all ways possible and to accept this as a learning experience to help the Church meet the needs of its flock.

Motion to adjourn by Tim Whipple, second by Laurie Theis. Motion carried and the meeting ended following prayer by Father Troy.