Walking a labyrinth is a centuries-old form of meditation. A metaphor for the journey of life, it  offers a pathway to receiving insight and opening up to God.

 cardinal flower labyrinth view

Rain Garden

The rain garden is a level depression or shallow bowl made in the ground that captures and absorbs rain from the parking lot and the cathedral roof. It relies upon soil with good percolation rates and drought-tolerant native plants to absorb water like a sponge. Rather than generating runoff, the rain garden captures and infiltrates rainfall. The rain garden is complemented by pervious paving, first allowing water to infiltrate into layers of limestone below the paving, then into soil and groundwater below. By infiltrating most of the water on-site, the amount of water and pollution flowing into storm sewers and directly into rivers and streams is greatly reduced.  

Weekly Weeders

It is a privilege to be the Episcopal Church in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Even modest efforts toward water conservation and management are meaningful in our concrete filled part of the city. You are welcome to join in rain garden maintenance with the "Weekly Weeders," the gardeners who tend the rain garden and grounds throughout the growing season.

To get involved contact Jo Anna Hebberger or Elvin McDonald.

 children planting with John Nielsen
columbine     happy butterfly weed